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Know About Feet

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Know About Feet


Different civilizations have placed importance to feet in its own way. From Chinese, Indian, Persian and European culture there are numerous stories written on feet. As Leonardo da Vinci rightly said “the foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” Socrates a Greek Philosopher said” When our feet hurt, we hurt all over”.


Podiatry is a branch of medicine that deals with different kind of foot related ailments. A Podiatrist is a doctor who is specially trained in foot care (Podiatry). Podiatrist’s area of expertise includes from simple foot related pains, foot injuries even complex conditions like diabetic foot. He is the expert who provides comprehensive foot care. He takes detailed history of foot conditions, does a through examination including assessing biomechanics (alignment) of foot, advices few investigations if required, makes a diagnosis of foot conditions and gives treatment as on need basis. His treatment may include from preventive foot care, few exercises to custom made orthotic insoles to some kind of surgical intervention for complex conditions like diabetic foot.


Feet carry whole body weight in way when we stand or walk whole body weight is distributed properly in forefoot and hind foot and no part of feet goes for uneven body weight bearing. There is an arch which distributes body weight in evenly manner. When there is uneven distribution of body weight, by flat feet, high arch feet, wrong foot wear, wrong kind of gait and any other deformity of foot, then certain areas of feet goes for excessive wear and tear and deposition of dead skin which causes formation of corn and callosities. Some times these corns and callosities can be very painful and daily routine activities also become difficult.


There is no, one best shoe. The best shoe for you is the one that fits you best, the one that give you the proper support, flexibility, cushioning and compensates for any stride problems you may have, such as overpronation. Each person’s feet are different. Always look for three qualities in footwear, Motion control, Stability and Shock Absorption. Wearing a shoe with narrow and pointed tips and high heels, thin soles and with inadequate padding are bad for health of feet. Shoe bite, blisters, corns and calluses, sprains, tendonitis and stress fractures are some common conditions because of wrong footwear’s. Those need special attention like diabetic patients, a person with flat feet, high arch feet, overpronation, must have an opinion from Podiatrist about the needs of their feet.

Nail problems:

Infected in growing toe nail condition is very common and recurring kind of problem which at times starts with wrong nail trimming. One should be very careful in trimming their nails if it is difficult to trim the nails one should go to a Podiatrist before the condition becomes bad and require any kind of surgery.
At times nails are thick discolored and distorted which can be because of fungal infection of nails for which antifungal treatment can be taken from foot doctor.

Other painful feet conditions:

Some of other common painful conditions of feet are heel pain, Metatarsalgia a condition in which the balls of Metatarsals are painful, bunion deformity, tendonitis, sprains, soft tissue injuries of the feet are other common painful conditions.


10 tips to keep your feet healthy and pain free
  • Wear shoes that fit your lifestyle. Save high heels for special occasions.
  • Wear shoes geared specifically for the sport in which you are participating and in those activities that you enjoy. For example, wear running shoes when you run, not when you play tennis.
  • All shoes should fit comfortably and provide proper support, cushioning, and room for your toes.
  • Never walk bare foot.
  • Practice daily foot care. Wash your feet with warm water and a mild soap. Thoroughly dry them with a clean towel. Use a moisturizing lotion to help prevent dryness. Avoid moisturizing the areas between the toes.
  • Wear socks every day that are clean and which draw the moisture away from your feet. Cotton and wool socks and stockings are best. Change socks daily or even more frequently if they become damp.
  • Trim toenails often. Always cut toenails straight across leaving them a little longer at the corners. Use nail clippers to make neat cuts. Do not cut too close or tear away a nail with your fingers or dull scissors. Finish the edge with a nail file.
  • Examine your feet regularly. Check for cuts, scrapes, bruises, calluses, or corns. Swelling or redness may be signs of infection. Do not do any kind of bathroom surgery by your own go to a Podiatrist for any underlying condition.
  • Get plenty of exercise. Your feet need plenty of exercise to maintain good circulation. They also need rest.
  • Take care to avoid injury and very hot or very cold temperatures.

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